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Kumudam Group of Companies – An Overview
Background: Kumudam is a household name that denotes the most popular publication in Tamil Nadu enjoying the highest readership and circulation consistently over the last 5 decades. Startedin1947 by the doyen of Tamil Journalism, Late Mr. S.A.P. Annamalai and his close associate Mr. P.V.Parthasarathy, the organization has a history of innovations, highly credible content, a strong distribution or association among the print media groups in India.
The Board of Directors comprises of illustrious professionals.
Mr. P. Varadarajan, B.Tech., M.S., M.B.A. the Managing Director of the company has been with the group since 1990. He is a management and technological professional, educated in USA.
One of its Directors, Dr. Jawahar Palaniappan, is a renowned Nuclear Cardiologist among the top 100 practitioners in his field in the USA
Dr. P. Srinivasan, a leading Nephrologist in the USA, is a member of the Board of Directors.
he Target Group: The magazine caters to the reading appetite of the entire gamut of Indian population, right from the scholarly to the neo-literate pedestrian. It works with an underlying motto “illuminate and entertain”. The thrust has always been to raise the readers’ awareness and report the current sensational events and issues and present the world in its truest form. Thematic presentations are also done as per the changing moods and seasons. Importance is given to impartiality, reliability and accuracy. The group has recognized the merits of its human resources and its leadership position in the market. It has been expanding its horizons into diversified fields of advertising, the visual media and the web media. The strategy is both to be the pioneer and the best through continuous innovation in all its endeavors. The group has forayed into launching portals and is now poised for making available stratified contents in its prestigious web site (
Simple statistics reiterated through research, substantiate Kumudam’s claim to the first position on any parameter. An analysis of the facts and figures place it in a much better position than the electronic media too, in its reach, advertisers’ preferences and ultimately financial soundness.
Key indicators of Kumudam’s Numero Uno Position.
A readership of over 52 lakhs, as per the National Readership Survey, which is one of the most comprehensive studies conducted in India about national and regional publications.
Regular readership of Kumudam is larger than the average viewership of the most popular satellite TV program in Tamil Nadu.
The average time spent on reading Kumudam, as per the NRS, 2001, is also higher than that spent watching an episode of most TV serials.
Over 40% of its readers do not watch any satellite TV even once a week.
In terms of products, market, image and human resource, Kumudam Publications Ltd., has several firsts to its credit. While success and kumudam have traditionally gone hand in hand, it has gone in for a spurt of successful ventures in the recent past more than ever before. This magazine group has achieved the status of being one among the top five groups in the whole nation.

The web portal launched three years ago, is registering a whopping patronage of over 13 lakh hits per day from all over the world. This web site attracts a large number of overseas visitors who are thrilled at the prospect of keeping in touch with the culture of Tamil Nadu in general and Tamils in particular.
Attractive homepage, Tamil-centric content and easy access with quick download facility makes tick all over the world. In tune with the global trend, provides Tamils the fascinating opportunity of accessing content online, whether at work or at home or even during travel.
Localized pages on social and cultural events in respective cities / towns abroad provide an intimate reader-friendly base to the site.
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