Tuesday, January 31அரியவை அறிந்திட, தெரிந்தவை தெளிந்திட

வலுக்கும் மாணவர் போராட்டம் … தமிழக அரசின் பதில் என்ன? – வீடியோ

இலங்கையின் மனித உரிமை மீறலை கண்டித்து. தமிழகம் முழுவ தும் மாணவர்களின் போராட்டம் தீவிரம் அடைந்து வருகிறது. இத னால் மத்திய மாநில அரசுகளுக்கு கடும் நெருக்க‍டியை ஏற்படுத்தி வருகிறது. இந்த மாணவர்களின் போராட்ட‍ங்களுக்கு, மத்திய மாநில அரசுகள் சொல்ல‍ப்போகும் பதில் என்ன‍?

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  • If ‘Eelam issue” becomes a Reductionist line of LTTE and obtaining vendetta albeit through a War Crimes investigation that would hardly be of any help for tamils and their future there. All it can help is with the political fortunes of outfits taking credit for it. At best some war crimies established but having prosecution would consume decade or more. Meanwhile the political direction for them will be resumed along seperatism and even resurgence of militias. None of this helps but harms the tamil future. Constructive change of lankan tamils’ political direction needs a Bilateral reconcilation. This means atleast to acknowledge the errors and mistakes on tamil movements and the Seperatists’ side. Do students understand any of all these? That the UN declaration had incriminated equally the LTTe for human rights abuses is completely ignored and they remain in bliss. Bringing in students means bringing in ill informed, highly emotional ics, and hysterical youth with absolutely no knowledge about world politics, slogans as gospel truths, rants as politcial line and violence as debate. It is exactly this students coming into streets that started the competetive sponsoring by both dravdian parties and GOI in arming and training eelam youth as so many militias. What they need to do is to study now and leave politics to seasoned politicians, diplomats and analysts. Firstly tamils must acknowledge Both sides of story exists and look at what cooked up the War instead of finding a scapegoat and exonerate the Tamil movements, tamil militias and the naivity of tamil chanting public/students. These were co-authors of the tragedy at nandikadal. Are they in frame of mind to acknowledge those mistakes. Subbu showed such in depth Critique in exposing Dravidian myths in his Dravida maya. The real price of that intoxicating myth was paid by eelam tamils. Now he is asking students to come in so rest of tamilians also not esacpe the same fate?

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