Monday, January 30அரியவை அறிந்திட, தெரிந்தவை தெளிந்திட

கண்ண‍தாசன் எழுதியதில் என்ன‍ தவறு? – வீடீயோ

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  • Vedas are “a paurusheyam”…not made by any single identifiable author or authors.Vedic mantras were realised by the rishis who were the “mantra drushtas” and every mantra invoked a devatha known as “mantra devatha”.Hence there is no “vedam seyda guru”.Hence the question of “kaadhal” affecting the “vedam seyda guru” does not arise at all.Hence the deletion of the line by the censor board is very correct.There were knowledgible and sensible censor board members then.But the new line made(by whom?)is also not very appropriate.Vedam did not create any uruvam.Vedas exist through the sound.Hence there is no “vedam seyda uruvam”.Vedas do not prescribe “Idol worship”.Hence there is no “uruvam” done by the vedas.Most of the social and domestic problems in Tamilnadu can be traced to the low quality stuff created by the “kalignars” in Tamilnadu.Political appointments to censor board of worh less persons with “Theera vidam” background have allowed the Tamil cinemas to become dirty,nasty and full of rape scenes and dirty dialogues.Tamil society is paying the price through moral and social degradation.

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