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IT Industry: Seven promises (fun)

Seven promises should be taken before choosing IT industry. I have already enjoyed my life in childhood. I love tension. I love to work on Sundays and Holidays. I want to take revenge on myself. I do not want to marry before 30. I want to study until my death. I do not want hair on my head. Salute to all IT Genius.


My favorite three are : Pepsi Pizza "YOU"   Pepsi to Drink Pizza to Eat and "YOU" to pay the bill Because you are my NANBENDA!!!.


1) What are you doing? Ans. : Business. Tax : PAY PROFESSIONAL TAX! 2) What are you doing in Business? Ans. : Selling the Goods. Tax : PAY SALES TAX!! 3) From where are you getting Goods? Ans. : From other State/Abroad Tax : PAY CENTRAL SALES TAX, CUSTOM DUTY & OCTROI! 4) What are you getting in Selling Goods? Ans. : Profit. Tax : PAY INCOME TAX! 5) How do you distribute profit ? Ans : By way of dividend Tax : Pay dividend distribution Tax 6) Where you Manufacturing the Goods? Ans. : Factory. Tax : PAY EXCISE DUTY! 7) Do you have Office / Warehouse/ Factory? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY MUNICIPAL & FIRE TAX! 8) Do you have Staff? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY STAFF PROFESSIONAL TAX! 9) Doing business in Millions? Ans. : Yes Tax : PAY TURNOVER TAX! Ans : No Tax : Then pay Minimum Alternate ...