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Review – Vilai Movie

Director Kamaraj has tried his hand at serving a strong message in ‘Vilai’, which is about innocent women being exploited and pushed to flesh trade. Thankfully the film maker doesn’t stretch for effort here showing the dark sides, but he has tried to narrate a sequence of events to convey the theme. The movie has some familiar names like Saravanan, Udhayathara and ‘Nadodigal’ fame Barani. What begins as a docu-drama suddenly changes gears to become a routine clichéd affair. The intention of the director seems to be right, but he falters at its execution. Events unfold at quick pace and at places defy logic, taking away all sheen. Nandhu (Barani) and his sister Vandhana (Reethu Soni) live at Melur village with their parents. They quarrel with each other. Unable to tol